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2015-09-02:  We needed to get rid of a large hornet's nest.  Was checking out different places through the Internet and came across the website for MB Integrated Pest Control.  When I called, I spoke directly with Majed Banjak, the President of the company.  He said he could come out the same day to remove the nest.  The timing was perfect - he contacted me during my lunch hour.  I was able to zip home, meet up with Mr. Banjak, and he promptly disposed of the nest.  Was very impressed with his service and his very kind nature!  I will definitely contact him again for any future needs we might have.


2014-10-31:  "I had an unknown pest problem in in my basement which had been going on since the previous winter. I thought it might be mice or squirrels. I called and spoke with Maj who was immediately responsive. We set appointment for few days later. He was punctual and very professional. He spent time in our basement and checking both outdoors for areas where they could gain access as well as the attic. He determined we had mice which unfortunately had destroyed our insulation as well as other damage. We were presented with all the pertinent information. Maj did three separate treatments over a couple month period which took care of getting rid of the mice. He also sprayed for spiders...He also spent a considerable amount of time showing us exactly where we needed to close access and explaining what materials to use so mice couldn't get in again. Who also told us how to remove the insulation safely ourselves because we couldn't afford to hire a specialist. I feel he went above and beyond our expectations. Highly recommend; will definitely use service as needed in future." 
Overall Rating  "A"
--- Pamela

2014-07-01:  "Eliminated the nest of wasps that was living in our roof soffit. Sprayed for spiders and bugs. Checked and plugs any holes so mice or other pests cannot get in.  We had new siding put on our home, which left some crevices.

Pest control is outstanding, I would highly recommend for any pest control issues you have.

We tried to spray ourselves to kill a wasp nest multiple times without success.  MB came in and took care of it with environmentally friendly products, the problem was handled in 15 minutes.

He is super smart, and very knowledgeable about science/pests and how to correct the root cause of pest problems.

We had 2-3 mice get into our basement.  He was able to find out exactly where they were getting in, and plug up the crevice.  What a relief.  We have not had any issues since.  He went around the entire home and made sure all potential crevices were plugged.  We had lived in our home 15+ years and had never had any issues until we got new siding on our home.  Not all of the vertical siding pieces were sealed (very common practice).  He corrected the situation easily and quickly.  He also showed us how to do it ourselves (but we chose to have him do it)." 
Overall Rating  "A"


2014-07:  “Very timely service. Excellent job. And very fair pricing. We have been using this service over the past 4 years and have been constantly impressed. Highly recommend.

2014-06-07:  "
Sprayed inside and out for bugs, spiders and ants. Also set bait for a severe mouse problem inthe basement of the home we just purchased."  Overall Rating  "A"

2012-09:  "Occassionally, over the past 10 years, I have used MB Integrated Pest Control within my business office, a manufacturing plant I used to run, my own home and the separate homes of family members. All locations have been very clean environments--bugs and mice simply seek shelter like it's their No. 1 mission. But they're not allowed where I eat, sleep and work! They belong outside and I intend to keep them there! Services are prompt, amazingly thorough, pleasantly professional and informative. I can count on full removal and, best of all, peace of mind every time! I find myself making referrals all the time! Until I found MB Integrated Pest Control, OTHER services left me disappointed...seriously disappointed."
---Green Bay