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MB Integrated Pest Control grows its business by offering highly reputable eco-friendly services and happy customer referrals. (National companies will most always be more expensive, covering the high costs associated with national advertising and hard to monitor field reps.)

MB Integrated Pest Control may only need to visit your location once; or, once per year; or, when a specific pest's mating cycle requires a follow-up appointment to ensure full elimination; and/or when pest life cycles within problematic neighborhoods require periodic visits (until fully eliminated).  (National companies tend to push unnecessary "periodic maintenance treatments" with aggressive marketing.)

MB Integrated Pest Control is a well established regional company (est. 1985), and are not burdened by heavy marketing campaigns directed by a headquarters somewhere.

MB Integrated Pest Control continues to experience wonderfully progressive growth and success because we strive to achieve the highest level possible in customer service and professionalism on every single phone call, and on every single visit.

We believe very strongly that we're the best service for all of our customers, as we're better equipped to customize affordable service and treatment plans...ones that best suit new and long-term customer needs, and ones that fit within today's budgets!

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MB Integrated Pest Controleliminates unwanted pests and provides preventative pest control services.

Various pest control remedies should not be attempted by the average homeowner, and some homeowners would never want to handle the materials or tasks associated with pest control.

Pest control companies (exterminators) differ greatly in the services they provide and by how much they rely on conventional synthetic insecticides vs. organic and biorational insecticides.

There will most likely be small established companies and/or large national franchises. Therefore, you will need to consider the capabilities of the service technicians within your area, and whether their training and expertise will ensure full (and safe) elimination of the pests you've come across (nuisance and/or dangerous).

BEFORE contacting a pest control service:

1. Select a company based upon their reputation, amount of business time within your community, and willingness to answer your questions. You have the right to ask for written materials that describe the problem and how it will be treated; including what chemicals will be used and in what amounts.
2. ASK if they have experience with the pest control situation for which you need services. Companies differ in the range of pest situations they routinely handle. This is expecially true for less common pests, or situations that require specialized equipment like some termite applications and/or structure fumigation.
3. Do NOT select a pest control company simply based on price alone, an advertisement you've seen, or the "deal of the week". Be cautious of unsolicited sales pitches and never select treatment just because your neighbor's property is being treated or because there is "leftover spray from another job". Get references and check them.
4. Don't be pressured into an immediate decision, take time to gather information and make a good decision. (Due to mating cycles, pest infestations normally don't require an immediate treatment.) Most of the time a delay of a few days or weeks, better fitting your schedule, won't make any difference. However, we understand that peace-of-mind and restful sleep can require immediate action, and that's okay. Our service technician trucks/vans are properly maintained and house the proper equipment and materials to safely eliminate unwanted pests (common or rare), immediately, or upon a date that best fits your needs and schedule.
5. Be cautious of false claims of "secret formulations" or negative comments about competitors. Be also cautious of exterminators claiming to have endorsements by local government or university personnel, as such personnel are not permitted to make specific recommendations about companies and/or products!



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